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Aus dem Leben einer Praktikantin

My internship at Alexanderplatz Hamburg GmbH has been an incredibly rewarding experience in my pursuit to learn German language and better understand German culture. As a social media marketing intern, I have been assigned a variety of tasks ranging from brand community management to projects in photoshop. My favorite work was contacting shop owners in the Europa Passage to take pictures for the Instagram and Facebook pages. The internship provided me with a good balance between field assignments and computer work which I greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite days at work was the Fourth of July. Naturally, had I been working in the US, I would have had the day off. For Independence Day 2016, I celebrated in the office with my colleagues which was an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are a few pictures from our Kaffestunde that day!

Working alongside my colleagues at Alexanderplatz has taught me the importance of social media marketing – a skill which is not limited to a certain market sector. Every organization and business can benefit from using social media platforms to advertise products, events and their brand. I am hoping to continue working on social media platforms after I graduate in order to bring awareness to the work of NGOs. I feel that as an intern at Alexanderplatz Hamburg I have contributed real work and innovated ideas to the firm as well as developed my own professional portfolio for future use.

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